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Detachable Head Gundrills

Hyper manufacturers two types of detachable heads:

  • The Hyper Threadlock
  • The National Style

The quick change head permits easy detachment of the gundrill heads for sharpening and replacement. You can leave the shank in the machine, and remove the head for replacement or resharpening.

The Hyper Threadlock Detachable Head

Hyper Threadlock Detachable Head Gundrills (Patent #3,153,356) are particularly appropriate for large diameter, longer length holes. Multiple heads allow for the resharpening of a drill head without having to remove the shank from the gundrill machine.

For large diameters, 3/4" and larger, the savings, as well as the ease of handling, grinding and storing are appreciable.

Hyper can usually convert your standard gundrills to our detachable head style. Available in diameters from .618 to 3.00 inches (15.7 to 76.2 mm).

The National Style Gundrill

National Style Quick Change Detachable Head Gundrills (Patent #2,739,496) are available in either TARGET or CENTER CUT styles from .421 to 3 inch (14.3 to 76.2 mm) diameters.

The drill head is held onto the shank with a socket head locking screw recessed between and below the cutting surface. To change heads you simply unscrew the locking screw and replace the head.

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